Weekend in DC

Hello Lovelies!


This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending a couple days in DC. I must say I absolutely loved it, and wished I had been able to stay longer. The city reminds me so much of Paris in the way it is laid out and the landscaping is organized around the monuments. I know that was intentional in the original planning, since it was done by a frenchman, but regardless, it is beautiful.

I got to stay at the Mandarin Oriental, which is an absolutely gorgeous, luxe hotel. Totally worth it! I had to take some photos of course with their lovely furniture.

This bathroom was one of the most lovely hotel bathrooms I have really ever seen. They have done an amazing job with the color scheme and granite choices. 






I obviously had to put on their fluffy robe! It was so big and cozy.













I was obsessed with these chairs! They are so comfortable and chic. The color of them was great. My outfit was classic for the day, really easy for walking around the city and hopping on a plane later. I don’t really believe in avoiding any brand names when I shop. I think, if you like it, go for it! That is what makes someone really have style, the ability to put things together. I am working on my brand development, and I want all women to be able to feel like they could wear my clothing and look chic! I got to take a pedicab tour around the city, which was seriously fun! Very tourist-y of course, but I love open air and it was the quickest way to get to see everything imaginable.


















The MLK monument was so beautiful, I definitely shed a few tears at the quotations from during his career. Remember, anyone can make a difference, you just have to set your mind to it! Fight for EVERYTHING you believe in, and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do exactly what you want. Dreamers and do-ers make this world a better place for all living things. Well, here’s to my inspirational moment, and now for my outfit details:

Blouse: Vineyard Vines (so chic, simple, I couldn’t believe it! click here¬†)

Pants: Bebe -Similar here

Shoes: Coach – Buy here